The Inspection

We strongly recommend that you or your representative be present during the Inspection.  This is your opportunity to learn more about the home and to ask important questions about what may be needed.  In addition to having a clearer understanding of the detailed Inspection Report, you will be better educated about the home if or when you take possession.  We also recommend that you bring a list of questions and concerns, a pen and note pad, and comfortable clothing.  The inspection can take 3 ½ to 4 hours.

Immediately after the Inspection is completed, our Inspector will discuss with you any issues of special concern.  The final Report will be provided electronically in PDF format within 24 hours of completion.


The Report

Your Inspection Report will cover the following areas of the home:

The Building Structure

Roof, Foundation and Exterior Walls, and Windows

The Mechanical Systems

Cooling, Heating and Ventilation

The Interior

Attic, Insulation, Electrical Systems and Plumbing


To see a sample of your Inspection Report or to understand how to read your Inspection Report, click on the images below.

lomax-home-inspections-hamilton-stoney-creek-grimsby-niagara-home-inspection-report-sample-cover                                                       lomax-home-inspections-hamilton-stoney-creek-grimsby-niagara-inpsection-report-how-to-read

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